Video Doorbell Batteries

There is currently an influx of (mostly) Chinese made devices that require power in the form of an 18650 battery.

These devices are provided without the battery, and it’s left to the buyer to source the correct product.

Unfortunately the manufacturer supplied specifications are at best vague and at worst completely unhelpful. Our personal favorite is “shart head 18650”. They are referring to a button top battery, but the information is still lacking a discharge rating and suggested capacity.

We have studied these devices, worked with buyers through countless emails and trial and error to find a suitable solution. Our Button Top Samsung 30Q is suitable for almost all of these devices. With a 3000mAh capacity and 15A discharge limit to ensure good runtime, though this may fall short of the (once again) unhelpful and unrealistic manufacturer claims.

You can confirm the requirement of a button top battery by looking at the battery sled. The location where the batteries installed. If the positive connection is recessed from the surrounding plastic and the opposite end is sprung loaded, it is almost certain to require a button top battery.