About Us

Founded in 2016, 18650 UK Ltd had the vision to become a new industry resource for Lithium Ion Batteries, and hoped to fulfil the growing number of business's that had demand for this versatile power source.

We quickly began consulting for, and reliably supplying genuine lithium ion cells to; 

Electric vehicle manufacturers 

Personal transport system designers 

Military contractors 

Aerospace sectors

Solar/PV industry 

We also developed partnerships with several prestigious Universities, developing next generation energy recovery and storage solutions for the future.

Our wholesale platform was born, and if you require 20 or 200,000 cells, you can find it here: 18650 UK Wholesale

Simultaneously, the demand for a retailer that could supply cells that were fully compliant with the EU battery directive, and could sell directly to the public efficiently, became clear. In a market awash with fake or low grade batteries, a reliable source with friendly customer service was greatly received.

Over the years we have grown to be a benchmark in how a lithium ion battery supplier should operate. With 18650 UK Ltd, you can be sure you will receive batteries that are:


Batch Tested


If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

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